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The Big Day: 4 Tips for Grooms
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The Big Day: 4 Tips for Grooms

We know that most wedding blogs revolve around the bride, but guys are out looking for advice, too! At FiveSense Farm, we have a lot of experience with weddings, and we know that grooms have a lot to think about on the big day. Here are some helpful tips for making it a wonderful day and keeping the nerves at bay!

Feel Your Best

This one is extremely important! Weddings can really wear you out fast if you aren’t careful, and you need to maintain your energy to make it through the whole day. Most couples barely get to eat a bite at their receptions, so remember to eat breakfast in the morning, and a light lunch if your ceremony is in the evening. Also, drink plenty of water and don’t let your groomsmen get you drunk before the ceremony!

Look Your Best

Preparing to look great for a day can take a lot of preparation, even if you don’t wear makeup! Make sure to schedule any grooming appointments well in advance if your barber is usually busy. Also, keep your suit protected in its cover until it’s time to put it on, have some shoe polish on standby, and learn how to tie a tie if you don’t already know how!

Know The Plan

What time do you need to be ready for photos? Who is coming to get you before the ceremony starts? Where are the rings? When it comes to a wedding day, the timeline is everything. Get the plan from your photographer and your coordinator, and have your groomsmen help you stay on track.

Surprise Your Bride-to-Be

This one of course is entirely optional, but it’s a sweet touch that some grooms choose to include. Have a gift delivered to your bride wherever she is getting ready. It can be a letter you want her to read before the ceremony, a piece of jewelry, or even a perfume that she can wear that will always remind her of your wedding day!

Here at FiveSense Farm, we love our grooms just as much as we love our brides! We have an awesome man-cave beside the creek, where the guys spend wedding days getting ready and having a great time. Come see it for yourself!

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