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Fairytale wedding experience

Embracing Rustic Charm: Your Fairytale Wedding Experience in Murfreesboro, TN

 When you are creating lifelong memories, the choice of wedding venue plays a big role. Nestled in the heart of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, our rustic yet elegant wedding venue transforms your dreams into reality. This venue is a true hidden gem. Lets take a journey now through the enchanting landscape of our 5-acre farm, where every corner tells a story of love, romance and timeless beauty. 

The setting: A Rustic Haven

Picture this – A beautifully landscaped 7-acre farm bathed in the warm glow of the Tennessee sun, where rustic charm meets elegant sophistication. The natural beauty of our creek-side venue sets the stage for your fairy-tale wedding. Our venue embraces the simplicity of nature, creating a timeless, open air, and intimate celebration for you and your guests. Its a dreamy union of nature and celebration that turns into an unforgettable event. 

The Bridal suite: Where Your Dreams Begin

Step into our bridal suite, a cozy cabin designed for the bride and her entourage. A Brides sanctuary for her wedding day. Adorned with soft hues and intricate details, this space is her canvas where dreams begin to unfold. Many mirrors and plush seating for cherished moments and soft lighting that captures the essence of anticipation. A cozy front porch to relax and take in the view. Our bridal suite helps create simply beautiful moments. 

Creek-side Groom's Cabin: A Retreat for Groomsmen

While the bride prepares in luxury, the groom and his party find solace at our Creek-side Grooms cabin. Tucked away behind the trees and greenery, this cabin exudes rugged charm and relaxation. Crab Orchard stone meticulously placed to create a walkway that weaves through the landscape taking guests on their journey to the cabin. An old fashioned wash sink, antique mirrors and decor that befit the occasion.  The sound of the creek and nature around you as you take in this moment. It's a place where camaraderie thrives. Laughter will echo, rocks will skip, and bonds will be strengthened as the groom readies himself for the life changing vows he will soon take. 

The Ceremony: Nature as Your Witness

The moment arrives, the couple exchange vows in a ceremony that feels like a scene right out of a fairy-tale. Our serene outdoor setting, surrounded by the gentle murmur of the creek and the slight rustling of leaves, provides a natural relaxing atmosphere. Imagine a breathtaking white column ceremony arbor, decorated to your style. Two lovey rock wall flower gardens line the aisle and arbor on both sides, our signature mason jar lighting sprinkled throughout the gardens creating a magical little nook in the trees for our couples to take their sacred vows.

The Reception: A Celebration to Remember

Our carefully thought out venue effortlessly transitions to host an unforgettable reception. Moving on from your vows to your reception is perfectly seamless. An elegant and rustic blend of décor adorns the reception space creating an atmosphere that is both inviting and sophisticated. Guests will be met with appetizers and cocktails as the newlyweds take some photos. A Space truly accommodating made with a party in mind. A quaint little bar, catering kitchen, catering tables, DJ Setup and more. Every sense is delighted when guest visit FiveSense Farm.

Fairy-tale Photos: Capturing Moments 

In a venue where every corner is a photo opportunity, our farm becomes the canvas for your beautiful fairy-tale wedding. From the romantic embrace by the Creek to the stolen glances under the canopy of trees, our rustic farm setting provides a backdrop that elevates each picture into a cherished memory. Our black iron staircase adorned with floral ironwork climbing the front of our classic red barn is just one place to create a captivating photo. Another farm favorite would be our witness tree with over 10,000 lights and a wooden rope swing dressed in greenery and simple white roses cascading down the rope on each side.

Conclusion: Fairy-tale Wedding in Tennessee

In Murfreesboro, TN, our charming Wedding venue stands as a testament to the enduring beauty of love between two people. From the bridal suite to the creek-side man cave, from the ceremony amidst nature to the reception that radiates rustic elegance and sophistication. Every element contributes to an unforgettable day that transcends the ordinary. Come make memories and let the enchanting landscape of our farm create the wedding experience of your dreams.

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