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Preparing For Your Big Day!
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Preparing For Your Big Day!

For most women, their wedding day is the celebration they have dreamt about since they were little, the gorgeous gown, the beautifully decorated venue, and the one person they will spend the rest of their life with. With all of the magic wrapped around the wedding day comes a whole lot of planning and preparation.... but it’s important to not let the tiniest of details get in the way one of the happiest days of your life. Be sure to take some time to pamper and prep yourself for your special day. Here are our top 5 best ways to prepare for your wedding day. 1. Enjoy some quality time with your closest friends! This might seem like a no brainer because these ladies will probably be in your bridal party but try to spend some quality time outside of wedding festivities with your favorite people. This will keep you grounded and excited about your new journey of matrimony ahead. 2.Spend some time alone. Take time out of your day to enjoy the silence and the stillness of being with yourself, whether you do this in the morning when you wake up or before you go to bed at night your mind and body will thank you for giving it time to relax each day learning up to your special day. 3. Drink lots of water! It might sound silly but every bride wants to look beautiful on their wedding day and wants the pictures to prove it. Drinking lots of water the three days before your big day will give your skin the glow you’ve always dreamt of. 4.Complete all DIY projects well In advance! Weddings are not always budget-friendly but DIY projects sure do help, just make sure you have plenty of time do complete all of your projects well in advance to avoid any other added stress to your days count down days! 5.Enjoy your day! Remember this day is about you and your future spouse, the little slip-up and mistakes won’t matter and usually end up being a great story down the road. Nothing is ever 100% perfect but it will be a magical day in all of its perfect and imperfection. Congratulations your one step closer to “I do!”.

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