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Why Middle Tennessee is a Great Place to Get Married

Tennessee Weddings

We may be biased, but we think that Middle Tennessee is the best place to get married! Here are just a few reasons why:

Central Location

Middle Tennessee is a great place to get married because it’s, well, in the middle! This makes the region a fair option for guests driving from east or west Tennessee. It’s also awesome for guests coming from out of state because they can make a trip out of a wedding by enjoying the tourist attractions in Nashville!

Beautiful Territory

Have you ever seen a sunset in Middle Tennessee? They make photographers swoon. This part of the state features some of the most beautiful rolling hills and rivers you’ll ever see. FiveSense Farm is an outdoor wedding venue in Murfreesboro that has a little bit of everything! We have acres of private farmland nestled up against a line of woods, and a wide spot on Cripple Creek. Not to mention, we specialize in professional landscaping, so our venue’s natural beauty is second to none.

Variety of Options

The wedding industry is booming, and Middle Tennessee is home to many beautiful venues. However, a lot of these venues come at a pretty hefty price. Heck, even the country music stars get married around here! At FiveSense Farm, we pride ourselves on being one of the most affordable wedding venues near Nashville. We don’t believe you have to be a millionaire or go broke in order to have a beautiful, perfect wedding day.

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