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Kid-Free Wedding Etiquette

Kid-Free Wedding Etiquette: How Do You Ask Guests to Hire a Babysitter?

Including children in a wedding can be a beautiful, sweet touch to a perfect day. But if you have a large family that includes a lot of children, your event can quickly become a messy affair with a domino-effect of screaming meltdowns! Every couple is different, but if you decide to exclude children from your wedding day, you aren't alone! Many people opt to keep their weddings kid-free, but many people worry about expressing this to guests without seeming rude. Here is our advice:

Be Very Clear About Your Intentions

In the quest to be polite, it is often easy to be ambiguous in our wording. The request to leave children out of your wedding guest list is not the place to do this! Make your expectations very clear on the Save the Dates and the invitations, so no one gets confused. You can blame it on logistics and say “Due to limited venue space, adults only please,” or stick with a simple “We respectfully ask that this is an adults-only ceremony and reception.”

Stay Firm

When rules are applied to a guest list, there will always be people who try to make an exception for themselves. On this particular issue, it is very important that you stay firm. After all, it wouldn’t be fair for some guests to bring children when others respected your wishes and hired a sitter instead. If you’re afraid that you’ll cave to requests, ask a straightforward family member or bridal party member to field RSVP communications (and say “no!”) for you.

Hire Wedding-Day Babysitters

Maybe you only want a kid-free ceremony, but you wouldn’t mind having them at the reception, or vice versa. In this instance, some couples will hire a babysitter or two to oversee a kids’ area at the wedding venue. This of course will be an extra cost, but it’s a great option for couples who can swing it. It’s a nice touch for the parents of the children, too.

Remember, it's your wedding

At the end of the day, your wedding should go the way you want it to. Many people have kid-free weddings every year, so don’t be afraid to add yourself to that group! Most of your guests with children will not be offended by your decision, and who knows? They may see it as an excuse to take a night off from the kids!

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